Let us introduce ourselves! We are James & Amanda Twiss, and along with our son Colton we run Mapletwiss Farm! Our farm sits on a beautiful 30 acres located within the boundries of Wellington North, in the hamlet of Damascus. Here we are building our dream, delivering high quality pasture raised food to our community and surrounding areas.

James grew up on a beef farm just 15 minutes south west of where our farm is now. He showed cattle, and sheep for 4H, and has always been an active member in the agriculture community. James continued to help out on the family farm while away for school, and well into adulthood. Also helping friends with their operations whenever the opportunity presented. Farming always was a strong passion for James, and though he didn’t picture himself raising so many chickens, his childhood dream was to farm.

It has been a life long dream of Amanda’s to own a farm, although, never picturing it this way, not before 2016. Years in the horse industry, and a passion on love for horses since a very young age, Amanda always thought she would operate some kind of boarding, sales, training, lesson type facility. Fast forward to meeting James, and learning more about the world of agriculture, livestock, and crops. She fell in love with agriculture, and the life he was raised in and loved.

Amanda had always been conscious of where her food came from and sourced local meats and produce, and attended local community events supporting these farms when able. James brought all of it, that much closer. She loved the connection from farm to table and knew it was something they would incorporate into their own farm one day; allowing there own customers to be connected to their food, was important. From there our dream grew together.

In the fall of 2018, after years of always watching the market and seeing what was for sale in the area, James stumbled upon a farm for sale. He had seen a for sale sign on the way home from work one day and followed it. The signs were for a much bigger farm, but on the same road he found for sale the farm that would be the beginning of our journey. It was a whirlwind few months as our current house was not on the market, but we made it all work. We moved into our new home in late November 2018, and Mapletwiss Farm began to grow.

We our now in our second growing season. We raise pasture raised pork, turkeys, and chickens under the artisanal chicken program with the CFO. We have a growing flock of laying hens that are free range and pastured, and harvest maple syrup in the springtime. We hope to add a herd of cattle to the farm very soon, and future plans also include a farm store on property.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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