Laying Hens

We have a small flock of brown egg layers, that we are continuing to grow.  Early this fall we will be adding blue, and green eggs to our cartons, with the addition of some ameraucana mix hens. 

Our hens are always free range, always having access to the outdoors year around.  The girls spend most of the day outside scratching, and grazing on the grasses and bugs, but also have access to their coop to get in out of the elements when needed. In the summer we open up the ladies run and rotate them through pasture space.  In the winter they have access to a large yard and are giving hay scraps to pick and scratch at.   

Chickens can’t survive on pasture grasses alone, so our ladies are fed a high quality grain, in addition to the bugs, grasses, veggies, and fruit treats they receive.

Pasture raised hens produce an egg with more vitamin A, omega 3’s, and vitamin E.  You can also see the difference, our yolks are a rich orange, with a fluffier white.  

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