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Pork Pre Order Deposit- Whole or Half

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A great way to fill your freezer with our high quality, heritage, pastured pork!

 A half or whole pork allows you to fully customize your order.  All the cuts will be to your specifications.  We'll help guide you in this process, so no need to worry there.  Select your sausage flavours, type and size of roasts and hams to best suit your families needs, thickness of your chops, etc.  You choose what you like. 

Buying your pork this way will help save money, reduce trips to the store, and ensure you always have something on hand.   Its a great way to also try some cuts you may not have always used before.  

Cost? The cost for a whole or half pork is the same,  $5.30/lb hanging weight, cut and wrapped in butcher paper.  If you would like your cuts vacuum packed it is $5.50/lb.  Our average hanging weight is 250lbs.  Exact weight will be communicated to you before pick up.  

Wondering how much space you will need? 

A whole pork will fit in a 8-9 cu ft freezer- a small chest freezer

Half pork will fit into a 4-5 u ft freezer- an apartment size chest freezer. 

Pre-Order must be received by 6pm January 30th for week of February 7th pick up or

6pm February 13th for Pick up week of February 21th. 

Any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out, we're here to help!

Pick up will be from the farm. 

**This is a deposit only** Remaining amount will be due at time of pick up.  This deposit is also non-refundable.  The pork is cut and wrapped to your specifications, and therefor makes it difficult for us to resell if a buyer backs out. 

**Whole or half must be picked up within the weeks mentioned above**