Heritage Breed Pigs

one of our females at 8 weeks old

We raise a cross of Tamworth, Berkshire, and Large black, out on pasture year around. We chose our favourites of the heritage breed, and now a few groups in are quite happy with our choice. These breeds are hardy in all weather, they grow a great coat to keep them warm, and forage well on the grasses. In addition to grasses, apples in the fall, and fruits and veggies, our pigs are fed a high quality milled grain that is made locally only a few minutes down the road. In the winter, when grasses are not available, our pigs are given free choice hay, and an oat and pea bailage we grow here on the farm. We rotate them through different areas so they dont over root, and cause damage to an area and are in a mix of pasture and treed area. Our pigs live out their very best life while here with us. They get to be pigs!

Our pork has a wonderful full flavour, yields the best bacon we’ve ever tasted, and gives a nice marble to the chops. Don’t just trust our opinion though, try some out for yourself and see what everyone means when they say we have the best bacon!

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