Mini classic white turkey at a day old

Our turkeys, like all our animals are raised out on pasture.  They spend the first 3 weeks(weather dependent) in the barn in a brooder.  This way we are able to control their environment(temperature, ventilation, humidity) and keep a close eye on their health as they grow. Happy, healthy animals is our top priority.   

Once they are ready, they get moved out on to pasture.  All our poultry live in portable structures we refer to as tractors.  This keeps them safe from any predators, provides them with shade and shelter from all the elements.  We move the tractors every 1 to 2 days as they graze down the grass, as we never want them to over fertilize an area, and always want them to have grass available for grazing.  Our goal is to improve the land we grow our animals on, leaving it better than when we started. 


We are continuing to grow mini classic whites, we were quite happy with the way they grew and the finished product.  We grow our turkeys for thanksgiving only, because we do raise them on pasture.   We process a few weeks ahead of thanksgiving, and our turkeys are available frozen, in vacuum sealed packaging.  We offer on farm pick up and pre planned delivery days.  

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