Farmhouse Vanity

A collection of our all natural skin care line.  

Our largest organ and worn on the outside of our bodies, our skin  needs all the nourishment and protection we can give it.  

Introducing- Farm Pretty, our all natural skin care line, made from oils raised right here on the farm.

Lard & tallow so closely match our own skin make up, and with a similar pH level it's no wonder it's what was always used for skincare.  High in Vit.D, Vitamin A, omega 3 and Vit.E, and Lard specifically has a very high Vit D level.  Our pigs are pasture raised and soak up every drop of sunlight.  Pigs store the vit D in their fat.  Vitamin D has show to minimize dark spots, lines, reduce acne, promote collagen, and reduce inflammation.   

  This idea came as an effort to reduce our waste, and ensure we are using the animal to the fullest.   We've created these products with our own family and skincare needs in mind.  We wanted a natural product that was safe for our children's sensitive skin, and but something that would work well on our dried, weathered skin that spends all day every day exposed to all the elements.  

 We're just getting started! We'll be continuing to roll out products over the next several months.