About Us


Family owned and operated. James & Amanda Twiss, along with their children Colton and Kherington, run Mapletwiss Farm.  A pasture based farm raising high quality meats and seasonal products, with a focus on sustainability.

We work hard to produce high quality, pasture raised meats, eggs, & seasonal products with the aim to be sustainable, regenerative, and reduce our waste. Watch for some fun new products to support this!

Our goal is to help educated our community, bringing you closer to agriculture and your food.  We aim to create a farm to table experience.

Proudly serving Wellington County

Pasture Raised

Animal care is our top priority, thier welfare, health, and happiness come first. 

Our animals are pasture raised.  While their housing looks a bit different for each, they all follow the same principles, all of our animals are rotationally grazed. This benefits not only them, but also our land.  Rotational grazing means our animals are move through pasture space, where we control where they graze.  With this method we are able to ensure even grazing, and manure input into the soil, but also allows the animal to have fresh grasses, and new spaces to explore, while being able to do all their natural behaviours. 


We want to bring you closer to your food, and share our knowledge of agriculture and farm life with you and your family.  Visit us in person on one of our family friendly open days, or join us virtually.


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