Proud Artisanal Chicken growers.

Our chickens arrive from the hatchery as day olds, and spend the first 2-3 weeks(weather dependent) in our brooder area. These little guys can not thermoregulate at first, so being inside the brooder where we are able to control their temperature, humidity and make the adjustments needed as they grow is very important to the health of the bird as they continue to grow. Once feathered out, or the temperature outside is warm enough they are ready to move out onto pasture. Once on pasture, we raise them in what we call a tractor, and it is simply a mobile enclosure that allows us to move them to fresh pasture daily.

We do this not only for the benefit of the animal, allowing them to have fresh grass, and off their manure, but also for the health of the soil and plants. We want to leave our land and farm better than when we found it. We not only try to provide our animals with the best life, but also supporting our environment. Our chicken manure is extremely rich in nitrogen and a great fertilizer for the plants and grasses that grow in our fields. Manage properly, our pasture grows back, richer and lusher than before the chickens grazed it. Moving our chickens daily allows the pasture to regenerate quickly, and gives the birds access to fresh grass, clover and bugs all the time. Moving the chickens also allows us to have a good look at all the birds, and monitor their health. Anyone slower, not walking well, just over all not as bright as the others? All though this way of farming and raising birds is labor intensive, and time consuming we believe its worth it. We produce a nutritionally dense protein, that you can trust is ethically and sustainably raised.

Did you know that a pasture raised chicken is also rich in iron, higher in omega 3’s and vitamin E & A. You will also find that our chicken cuts and whole birds are meatier, have a full flavor and stay extremely juicy and tender no matter how you cook them. Try the pasture raised difference today!