Our Story

Mapletwiss Farm- James & Amanda Twiss

Owning and operating a farm has been a life long dream for both James & Amanda, although neither of their farm dreams looked quite like Mapletwiss Farm.

James comes from a long line of farmers, and grew up on a beef farm outside of Arthur, ON.  This is where James grew his love for agriculture and animals.  Always planning that some day he would too own his own farm, and pictured running his own herd of cattle, and raising food for his friends and family.  While Amanda, although didn't grow up on a farm, she spent every spare second or time she could in the barn.    Amanda has ridden horses from the age of 7, and has been fully emersed into the horse world ever since.  Her dreams were to open her own lesson and boarding facility.  Their commonality was their passion and love for animals, and knowledge of where their food comes from. 

When they met in 2016 their dreams started to change.  Amanda had be passionate about sourcing local food, and enjoyed the connection with the farmer, feeling that she knew exactly how her food was grown and raised.  She wanted their farming venture to include this aspect, she wanted to tell their story, share how they raised their animals, invite the public, and help provide education on this wonderful industry.    In 2018, the dream started to become a reality.  James followed a farm for sale sign one night on his way home from work finding what is now, Mapletwiss Farm. 

Mapletwiss Farm-Beef
Mapletwiss Farm-Pasture Raised
Mapletwiss Farm- Arthur
We hit the ground running! 2019 our first full year, and growing season on the farm, and also the year we got married on the farm. Yes, we're a bit crazy.  We started small, 200 chickens, 4 spring weaner pigs, 25 turkeys, and increased our laying hens flock by adding 20 hens.  We also welcomed Maverick & Gilbert in the spring of  2019, and 2 livestock gaurdian puppies.  

Late 2019 we started planning for 2020.  We applied for the Artisanal Chicken program with the CFO, allowing us to raise a larger amount of chickens, and grow this area of the farm.  2020, although a strange, scary and challenging year for many of us, we were able to continue to grow our farm, thankfully.  Although not able to welcome you, and share the farm in the way we had hoped, we worked to do this virtually.  Growing our virtual presence on social media, and starting our childrens series 'Fun Facts & Farm Chats".  

2020 saw us raise 1,000 chickens under the artisanal chicken program, we continued growing our pork operation, and continued to grow our layer flock.  

As we start our 2021 season we continue to grow the number of animals we raise, thanks to our communities wonderful support of local, pasture raised food. We hope you'll continue this journey with us as we grow.  We look forward to welcoming you to the farm more, as its safe to do so.