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Half Chicken

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We’ve taken our whole birds and had them cut in half.   This gives you the variety of cuts like the whole chickens do, but smaller.  These even include the organs/giblets that are included with a whole bird.  

Possibilities are endless with a half chicken, roast it just like a whole, bbq it and have it cook in less time like a flat chicken would, smoke it, or bake it.  Sky is the limit.  

These are also great for smaller families, who find our whole birds too much- even if you love leftovers and meal prepping.  

Avg sizes 

X-small 2.60 lbs 

 Small 2.80 lbs 

 medium 3.00 lbs 

 large 3.20 lbs

 X-large 3.40 lbs

 Xx-large 3.60 lbs